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5G Private Network Provider – Cable&Fixed-line Operators / Open RAN / Small Base Stations

1. Cable and fixed-line operators

Love luca brasi CATV, etc 

In Japan, several cable operators have been granted Local 5G licenses. An interesting phenomenon is that in order to save the cost of 5G private Network deployment and operation and maintenance, Ehime CATV, Akita Cable TV, ZTV, Tama Cable Network and other Japanese cable operators have invested in GraphOne, a company specializing in providing Local 5G services. 

Through GraphOne, these cable operators can reduce the cost of 5G network equipment procurement through joint procurement mode. GraphOne, on the other hand, will deploy a unified 5G core network that will be shared by various cable operators. GraphOne will also be responsible for operation and maintenance services, which will significantly reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs for 5G private networks.

dutr (1)

Various cable operators and GraphOne’s Web interface

By establishing GraphOne Company, these cable TV operators can not only build their own 5G private network at a low cost, but also provide 5G private network services to enterprise customers economically and efficiently based on their existing cable network infrastructure and GraphOne’s 5G private network service capability. 

Ehime CATV has already taken that step. In June 2021, Ehime CATV announced the launch of Local 5G services for enterprise customers. The cable operator said, consider the enterprise does not have 5 g professional knowledge, independent private network deployment 5 g frequency application process not familiar with, the network deployment, operations, network into expensive, early love luca brasi CATV provide Local 5 g support services including consulting, network and demand frequency license application, network construction and operations, etc. It said it would charge a monthly fee based on the number of base stations and terminals. 

NTT Com 

NTT Group, Japan’s largest carrier, has subsidiaries such as NTT East, NTT West, NTT Com, NTT Docomo and NTT Data. Although NTT Docomo is already a mobile public network operator and cannot provide Local 5G services, But NTT Com mainly provides ICT solutions for large enterprises and can operate Local 5G services. 

NTT Com provides end-to-end 5G private network services from network, edge, cloud to application. Firstly, with the help of NTT DoCoMo’s rich experience in mobile network construction and operation, NTT Com provides enterprises with one-stop services including consultation, license acquisition, network planning and design, construction and operation and maintenance. Secondly, in order to help enterprises reduce the cost burden of initial network construction, NTT Com provides 5G private network service mode based on Opex, that is, enterprises do not need to purchase 5G network equipment at one time, but pay NTT Com according to the monthly rent. In addition, the Smart Data Platform (SDPF) provides one-stop data collection, storage and analysis capabilities to help enterprises make the most of their data for digital transformation.

dutr (2)

NTT Com Local 5G service architecture 

2. Open RAN and small base station providers 

In December 2021, German media reported that Cologne Bonn Airport is building Germany’s first Open RAN based 5G private network. The paper points out that the 5G private network adopts the 5G private network frequency band allocated by the German Federal Network Agency, and the network equipment is not provided by traditional telecom equipment providers such as Ericsson and Nokia, but based on the Open RAN architecture, and adopts numerous hardware and software components from multiple manufacturers. This unremarkable report shows that Open RAN vendors have actually entered the 5G private network market. 

For Open new players RAN a traditional market operators are hard to break, after all, the traditional equipment business giants have been cultivated for years, building a high threshold of enclosure, and these operators are unlikely to spend more cost with Open RAN equipment to replace the 4/5 g equipment in the net, they will of course will be focused to 5 g private network this emerging market. The 5G private network market is characterized by diversified demands, flexible networking, lightweight and customization. Some enterprises also put forward requirements such as autonomy, low cost and avoiding device vendor lock-in, which also brings hope to Open RAN manufacturers. 

For example, NEC, the 5G Open RAN and 5G Core provider for Japanese 5G public network operators NTT Docomo and Rakuten Mobile, announced its entry into the 5G private network market in December 2019, hoping to sell 5G network equipment to enterprise customers, with the goal of developing more than 100 enterprise customers by 2023. NEC not only provides network equipment, but also provides Loca 5G services from requirements analysis, network survey, planning, design, construction to hosted operation and maintenance. 

For example, FUJITSU has launched the 5G private Network solution FUJITSU Network PW300, which is an end-to-end system including RU, DU, CU, 5G Core and EMS. Among them, 5G Core, CU and EMS can be integrated on one server. This is a set of entry-level 5G private network solutions. Since the end-to-end network functional software runs on the general server, the general hardware can be flexibly added in the later stage according to the demand.

dutr (3)

FUJITSU Network PW300

A large number of other, smaller Open RAN and small site vendors have also launched products and solutions for 5G private networks. There are too many to introduce.

Post time: 11-11-2022