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5G Private Network Provider -Industrial Giant

Hitachi & Mitsubishi

In order to help enterprises solve the problems of large initial investment and the need for expertise in the construction and operation of 5G private network, Hitachi International Electric and Mitsubishi Huicong Capital announced on December 7, 2021 that they would jointly provide “pay-per-month” monthly rental Local 5G services.

The two companies provide one-stop Local 5G services from planning and design, construction to late maintenance, including frequency license applications, equipment and systems, wireless consulting, as well as network construction, system maintenance and operation. Among them, Hitachi is responsible for the planning and maintenance of 5G private network, and Mitsubishi HCong Capital is responsible for equipment leasing and financial services.

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As early as 2020, Hitachi obtained a Local 5G frequency license in Japan and established a 5G Joint Innovation Laboratory with partners to develop industrial applications integrating 5G and AI for manufacturing, logistics, construction, service, public infrastructure and local government.


Siemens is one of the main drivers of 5G private network spectrum in Germany and one of the first industrial giants to deploy 5G private network independently. On the official website of Siemens, an article titled “A 5G network for every factory” points out that on the road to industrial 5G, it is important to allocate 5G private network spectrum directly to the industrial sector, because “we know the needs of our factories better than anyone else”. Siemens will use the 5G private network to extensively test industrial 5G network solutions, it said.

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Siemens has built a 5G private network at its automotive test center in Nuremberg, is building its own 5G private network at its factories in Amberg and Karlsruhe, and has launched industrial 5G routers. Many industry analysts believe that Siemens will provide other industrial manufacturers with a complete solution for the integration of 5G private network and enterprise OT/IT based on its rich experience in the industrial sector and its communication technology capabilities accumulated in the past. At least, as an active promoter of 5G special frequency spectrum, Siemens has its own 5G private network, which will be the future “new operator”.

Post time: 11-11-2022