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About Us

Company profile

Shenzhen The Rice Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. It mainly relies on 5G+ wireless broadband and narrowband communication AD HOC network as the communication method to build an industrial cluster integrating design and development, pilot testing, inspection and testing, and display experience. The main research and development, production, and sales of 5G full network equipment / 5G small base stations, various terminals / mobile phone signals detector (IMSI catcher, IMEI finder), and etc., provide global 5G public network and private network equipment. 

Company building

Factory front desk

It is an enterprise that produces and provides solutions for 5G signal blind compensation, 5G private network applications, broadband and narrowband self-organized private network equipment, and solves the network coverage problem of all the unclear areas of wireless communication, focuses on vertical industry applications, solves landing problems, and empowers the 5G industry chain.

Shenzhen The Rice Technology Co., Ltd. is affiliated to the Rice (Hong Kong) Group Limited. Our group was established in 2003 (named as RICE GROUP). We are National High-tech Group Enterprise, a strong and long-established diversified enterprise dedicated to chip research and development, new material research and wireless communication equipment manufacturing. 

We have more than a dozen subsidiaries, including two Chinese high-tech companies, two chip companies, and three manufacturing companies. The group’s R&D team is composed of technical people from Nanjing Zijinshan Laboratory, Xidian University, Mianyang Ninth Research Institute, Nanshan Shenzhen and experts return from Silicon Valley.

It is the third 5G communication equipment manufacturer after Huawei and ZTE. It mainly serves the four major domestic operators and more than 20 foreign operators, as well as 5G multifunctional smart poles, smart agriculture, and public security. Provide 5G base station communication equipment and Mesh self-service private network application solutions in industries such as, emergency, electric power, hospitals, banks, coal mines, unmanned driving, oil fields, and forest firefighting.

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To work in an office