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12 Antennas Prison Hidden Use 60m Mobile Phone Signals Blocking PC Control Jammer EST-502K12

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1. Introduction

EST-502K12 directional hidden use jammer is an information security product with completely independent intellectual property right. It can exactly block the mobile phone signal like 2G GSM / CDMA / DCS / PHS, 3G, 4G and 5G signal, and etc. in about 1-60 meters. When it finds the signals, it will directly isolate it. Which is great for office use, school classroom avoid exam cheat, oil/gas station keep in secure and prison use, military use for security.

2. Technology

* available TX frequency, or can be customized

CH1: Integrated Digital Enhanced Network (iDEN) / Global System for Mobile (GSM 900) 852-960MHz

CH2: Global Navigation Satellite System 1525-1661MHz

CH3: Global Navigation Satellite System 1176-1287MHz

CH4: Global System for Mobile (GSM 1800) / 4G Long Term Evolution (4G LTE -TDD) 1805-1930MHz

CH5: 3G Code Division Multiple Access (3G CDMA) 2110-2170MHz

CH6: 4G Long Term Evolution (4G LTE -FDD) 699-803MHz

CH7: 4G Long Term Evolution (4G LTE -TDD) 2300-2400MHz

CH8: 4G Long Term Evolution (4G LTE -TDD) 2496-2690MHz

CH9: 5G Long Term Evolution (4G LTE -TDD) / Wireless Fidelity / Wireless Local Area Network (Wi-Fi / WLAN) 3400-3800MHz

CH10: 5G Long Term Evolution (4G LTE -TDD) 3800-4200MHz

CH11: Wireless Fidelity / Wireless Local Area Network (Wi-Fi / WLAN) 2400-2500MHz

CH12: Wireless Fidelity / Wireless Local Area Network (Wi-Fi / WLAN) 5150-5825MHz

*Colour: White

*Antenna: 12 built-in directional antennas

*Jamming Radius: Radius 1-60 M

the Cellular signal 2G/3G must ≤-75dBm in the location

the Cellular signal 4G must ≤-115dBm in the location

The jamming radius still depends on the strength signal in given area

*Available System: include analog (AMPS, TACS, NMT) and digital (GPRS, GSM, 3G, DCS, CDMA, PDC, TDMA, PHS, PCS, IDEN, W-CDMA, UMTS, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and etc.)

*Safety Regulation: AC Adapter UL (E190582) / CSA (LR112971 Level 3)

*Jamming Type: sweep jamming

*Single Output Power: +33dBm / 2W±200mA

*Total Output Power: 24W

*Working Power Input: AC 110V 60Hz ~ AC 240V 50Hz to DC 24V

*Dimension: 400(L)×300(W)×130(H)mm

*Full Set Weight: 4.5kg

*Antenna Gain: 3dBi

*Working Temperature: -30℃ to +60℃

*Relative humidity: ≤85%(RH) (please keep the machine dry)

*Air pressure: 86~106kPa

3. Features

*effectively shielding CDMA / GSM / DCS / PHS / 3G / 4G / 5G and Wi-Fi signals.

*with network jamming module, remote control all the jammers via computer in one blocking system.

1) network control, which can remotely monitor equipment voltage, current, power, equipment temperature and change working status;

2) time switch machine, energy saving and environmental protection, extending equipment life cycle;

3) the device displays voltage, current, power and equipment temperature in real time (optional);

4) the internal motherboard integrates overvoltage and undervoltage protection functions. When the voltage reaches the upper and lower limits, the motherboard is powered off and alarmed.

5) the internal motherboard integrates the temperature detection function. When the temperature reaches the upper limit, the motherboard is powered off and alarmed.

6) the working time can be freely set by the user according to the actual use requirements in the blocking software.

*built-in high gain directional antenna, easy hidden use, not easy to find out, and avoid affect surrounding signals.

*low noise, good cooling system with 4 cooling fans inside the jammer, can support 24 hours continuously working.

*with triangle bracket holes, easy to place anywhere as you need.

4. Operation Instructions

*open the package, take out the jammer and its accessories.

*hang the jammer onto the wall with hanging height for 1.5-2 meters, choose a best place where its 4 fans with good cooling condition, do not shield and affect the fan space.

*the installation location in the space of different sizes can be decided according to the following fig.

Ex1: indoor small space (less than 200 square meter)

Ex2: indoor big space (more than 200 square meter, preferably by the cellular mode)

Ex3: outdoor big space (more than 1000 square meter, preferably by the cellular mode)

*when the jamming range coming to dwindle, it means the angel the device installed is not the best position, please change and try other different angels, please keep in mind, do not point the device to base station.

*since the valid scope covered by the jammer is a round area with the isolator as the center.

*please keep away strong electromagnetic sources with heat sources to ensure high isolation affect and stable operation for a long time.

*switch off the device in time when not using it, lest the normal operation of mobile phones be affected.

*while using the isolator outdoors, be sure to keep it away from water or damp.

*keep away from caustic gases and liquids, and be sure to make it dust-proof and moisture-proof, lest the aging of the components inside should be accelerated.

5.Network Blocking System Software Installation Guide

5.1 Software Setup Package

▲TCP/IP module IP address setting software installation package

smart jammer system installation package

█ TCP/IP module instructions

▲TCP/IP module setting software main interface (adjust per the step

1) Step 1: click Search in LAN

2) Step 2: after click Search in LAN, the correct module IP will be shown in the position of Step 2, choose it

3) Step 3: set all the information of the Step 3

a. TCP-CLIENT: change into UDP-CLIENT

b. input the correct Default Gateway information

c. input the correct mould IP as shown in the Step 2

d. change the Destination IP into the correct computer IP you use

e. change the Destination Port into 12241

f. change the Baud Rate(bps) into 9600

g. click reset and choose it

4) Step 4: click Setup via NET to finish the TCP/IP setting

█ Smart Jammer System Installation Guide and Full Description

▲R logo (RICE GROUP) named as iot(2), open and start the setting first

▲Log in interface as below, but it can be customized, including the background, the content, or even the size

User Name: admin

Password: 8888

▲Main page setting

1) Register (click Register, and advise the PID number to us RICE GROUP, we will confirm back you the License number to help you register your module(if connect the same module with different computer, the license number will be changed also))

2) Setting the install position, working time and the device information one by one with below steps

A. set the install position as below:

a. Click the button Position Manage, and start the position setup

b. Input the correct install position, for example, LY School

c. Click New to add this position, the dialog 4 will come out, and ready for step 5

d. If you want to delete any existing position information, click the button Del in the Step 6, and press Edit in Step 7 to change the existing content

e. The same working steps to add any sub-position like LY School - Building 6 - Third Floor

f. Press Back after all position information setting finish

B. Working Time setting

Set the working time as below steps:

*Click the button Working Hours to start the working time setting

*Named the working time for reference

*Press Add to have new time range, set the working days in Step 4 also (max 9 time range)

*Press Save to keep the working time you set, the dialog Step 6 will be available, after confirmed, the information will be shown in Step 7

*If you want to delete the existing time setting, press Del in Step 8

*Press Back after working time setting finish

C. Device Manage setting

Setup the device information as below steps

*Press Device Manager to setup the working device information

*Named the Device No to distinguish the equipment

*Input the correct module IP as shown and setting

*Click Look Up to position the Installation Location

*Click Look Up to set the Working Hours

*Press Add, the corresponding setting information will be shown at the below

*Press Back to finish the Device Manage setup

*After all the setting finish, choose the device and switch on to see its status, you can change its status *by Display Mode to see if you want to see its details, close or open any of the devices or all of the *devices by the different button, to check the Alarm status and Refresh by the corresponding button.


█Smart Jammer System software usage precautions

(1) The order in which the software is used for the first time is:

1) “Registration”: The user sends the PID information to RICE GROUP’s customer service, and the customer service will use the unique registration code generated by the unique PID to feed back to the user. The user only needs to input the registration code correctly to start using the intelligent management system software.

2) "Position Manage": Set the installation location for subsequent installation selection of the device;

3) "Working Hours": set the time period for the subsequent working hours of the equipment to be selected;

4) "Device Manage": Set the unique number of the device, unique IP address, installation location, working hours.

(2) The IP address of the same device must be the same as the IP address of the TCP/IP module.

(3) The timing system is a 24-hour system. If there is a cross-day situation when setting the switch working period, you should set a more time period. For example, in order to prevent students from playing mobile phones to affect sleep, set the smart screen of the dormitory to 23 o'clock to turn off the phone at 3 am, in this case should be set to: time period 23:00:00 - 23:59:59 , time slot 20:00:01 - 03:00:00

6. Application Area

Suitable to be used in prison, jail, government, meeting room, conference room, museum, gallery, theater, concert hall, church, temple, restaurant, classroom, training center, factory, bank, train, car bus etc, at the places where mobile phone is prohibited to use, to provide you a safe environment.

7. Packing List

1pc x jammer main unit

1pc x AC power cable

1pc x user manual (optional)

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