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Air Drone Ad Hoc Network Wireless Broadband Ad Hoc Network Base Station AP Dlink

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The UAV cluster over-the-horizon ad hoc network communication system is based on the communication technology of the MESH ad hoc network, and is widely used in airborne wireless image transmission, which can realize the wireless communication requirements of the aerial network. A dynamic and autonomous local area wireless communication network with significant technical characteristics such as distributed, non-centered, self-organized, multi-service, long-distance, and precise positioning. The UAV self-organizing network communication system module is a dynamic self-organizing network system with arbitrary, temporary and autonomous network topology composed of UAVs acting as network nodes. As an ad hoc network communication network node for drones in the air, each drone is equipped with a mobile small-size MESH ad hoc network communication module, which has both routing functions and two-way audio and video transmission functions. It can connect all of them through wireless connection. The nodes in the air constitute an arbitrary network topology. EST-MESH self-organizing network drone node equipment is a small size, light weight, flexible networking, rapid deployment, wide coverage and long distance, reliable anti-interference, flexible spectrum configuration and networking methods, small size and low power consumption; A series of products that provide integrated transmission of ultra-long-distance wireless image data for point-to-point and multipoint-to-multipoint air networking. According to specific scenarios, it can achieve air-to-ground transmission with a transmission distance of 15-80 kilometers. The airborne ad hoc network equipment can also be used as a relay node, which can participate in routing maintenance and packet forwarding according to the routing strategy and routing table of the network.

Technical Advantages

Long Transmission Distance using OFDM modulation, space-time coding, transceiver diversity and other technologies, the receiving sensitivity can reach -103dBm, under 10W transmission power, the ground-to-air/space-to-air line-of-sight communication can reach 100km, and the ground-to-ground line-of-sight communication can reach 50km, in non-line-of-sight environment Under the conditions, it also has better anti-multi-path interference and strong diffraction ability.
High Transmission Rate adopt BPSK/QPSK/16QAM/64QAM adaptive modulation, receive diversity and other technologies, the peak rate can reach 90Mbps, suitable for large traffic multi-hop transmission, with wireless ranging function.
Large Network channel resources are dynamically allocated, and the maximum actual measurement can support 40 nodes for ad hoc networking.
Relay The number of data relay hops can reach 16 hops, which expands the network coverage and enhances the applicability of network applications.

UAV / Drone Ad Hoc Network Module


Model No.: EST-WRJ01-MESH

Network Scale: single frequency supports 40 nodes;

Communication Frequency: 1412~1452MHz, 1MHz step adjustable;

Transmitting Power: 2*30dBm (2*1W), 1dBm step adjustable;

Bandwidth Mode: 5/10/20 /40MHz;

Modulation Method: multi-carrier TDD-OFDM;

Carrier Modulation: BPSK/QPSK/16QAM/64QAM (adaptive or fixed);

Receiving Sensitivity: -98dBm @ 10MHz;

Communication Rate: peak value 90Mbps (adaptive);

Transmission Delay: about 2~5ms per hop;

Multi-hop Capability: video can reach 8 hops;

Start-up Time: ≤25S;

Network Access Time: less than 1 second;

Route Switching: less than 1 second;

Data Interface: network port x 2, RS232 x 2;

Battery Power Supply: 7~28V input;

Power Consumption: 6~12W, standby 6W, receiving 8W, full load sending 12W;

Working Temperature: -40~+80℃;

Size: Length: 73mm * Width 47mm * Height 10mm;

Weight: 60g

UAV ad hoc networks have played an important role in a variety of complex environments and emergency communication scenarios. UAV ad hoc networks have independent networking, self-organization, dynamic topology, unconstrained movement, multi-hop routing and other conventional self-organizing networks. In addition to the technical characteristics of the network itself, it also has the following tasks and usage characteristics:


1. Complex terrain, non-line-of-sight applications: The self-organizing network communication module is not affected by terrain or other environments, and can realize long-distance drone groups and real-time communication between the air and the ground. Each UAV in the UAV ad hoc network can be used as a repeater, which can realize applications under complex terrain and non-line-of-sight.


2. Long-distance operation coverage: Due to the application of various environments, the line-of-sight propagation of the radio is greatly affected, and coupled with the influence of the terrain factors around the base station, the communication distance is often very short. When using the UAV ad hoc network communication link, the UAV ad hoc network relay machine can act as a bridge. When the relay function is added, the communication distance range of the data link can be increased to 150-200km, which eliminates the number of round-trip operations and transfers of drones, and improves mission efficiency.


3. Strong anti-interference ability: The self-organizing network communication system can realize a diversified chain structure between all drone clusters. Even if any link in the chain fails, the entire drone system will not be paralyzed. The personalized equipment on the channel means that the anti-interference ability of the UAV system has been greatly improved.


4. Intelligent perception capability: The high-UAV self-organizing network can sense network changes in time, automatically configure or reconfigure the network, and ensure real-time connection of data links. It has a high degree of autonomy and self-adaptation. In addition, the unmanned aerial vehicle's self-organizing network can realize information sharing, can process the received information, make independent decisions, and realize the intelligent execution of tasks.


5. Diversified functions, division of labor and cooperation: the UAV self-organizing network system has the wireless dispatch management function of all terminals. Each UAV has complementary advantages, division of labor and cooperation, forming an organic whole, and achieving better task execution effects than traditional image transmission technology. .


6. Multi-channel high-definition data two-way transmission: multiple drones can be used for environmental protection operations at the same time, the control distance between the ground and the drone can be controlled at the limit of the device, and the control distance between the drone and the drone can reach the maximum , Multiple UAVs can collect multiple channels of video at the same time and transmit them back to the ground station in real time. If an abnormal environment is found, multiple drones can be sent over the scene to collect data from multiple angles. At the same time, the data link can be prevented from losing connection due to complex terrain and mountain occlusion.


The UAV self-organizing network system has a centerless self-organizing network, and the transmission bandwidth is flexibly adjustable; whether it is an aerial networking or mid-air relay application, it has the characteristics of automatically selecting the best route for long-distance transmission, and self-organizing , Self-healing, automatic realization of multi-topology work forms-support such as point-to-point network topology; at the same time, it is widely used in scenes such as unmanned ships and unmanned vehicles to meet the high-quality audio and video data transmission in a variety of complex environments. It is widely used in airspace emergency command, public security, fire rescue, electric power, road administration and other fields. It can satisfy customers in the fields of rotor, fixed wing, composite wing, parachute wing, flapping wing, unmanned airship, hydrogen balloon, ground station, etc.

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