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Land Backpack Ad Hoc Network Wireless Broadband Ad Hoc Network Base Station AP Dlink

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IP Mesh ad hoc network wireless individual transmission equipment, the body adopts CNC processing technology, exquisite appearance, small size, light weight, equipped with high-capacity removable battery, easy to carry and single person behind, fully liberating hands.

Individual soldier networking communication system, which can realize rapid interconnection with individual soldiers, vehicle-mounted mesh equipment, helicopter communication system, UAV networking communication system, and surrounding base station networking equipment in actual outdoor application scenarios Interoperable three-dimensional network. Advanced MESH concept, without a central gateway, any one can realize the self-organizing network function, any device in the group will be disconnected, and the corresponding device will continue to communicate within the effective antenna coverage to ensure that the network is not dropped.

Main Functions

1.1 Strong anti-disaster tolerance, rapid self-organization and self-healing, when a single node equipment fails, it does not affect the use of the entire network.

1.2 Automatic multi-hop relay can provide voice group call, video backhaul and other multimedia interactive services for individual handling and tactical teams to achieve efficient coordination.

1.3 High operating frequency: 512~582MHz, 570~590 (U section), 1240~1300MHz, 1428~1448MHz (L section), with voice intercom function, GPS/Beidou positioning function, and also supports wifi small-range coverage.

1.4 There is no central co-frequency networking, the node status is equal, and it can be used as a terminal node, a relay node or a central node, and it does not rely on wired communication lines to quickly establish a wireless communication network.

1.5 Multi-node fast networking, same-frequency networking, multiple node support, the system itself can also automatically calculate link routing based on channel quality, service rate, error codes and other indicators, without affecting original data, voice, video and other services .

1.6 Any network topology, such as point-to-multipoint, chain relay, mesh network and hybrid network, etc. MESH wireless ad hoc network can be supported.

1.7 High data bandwidth, fast moving, nodes have non-fixed mobile transmission capabilities, portable and fast moving are suitable for a variety of environments, and the high-speed movement of voice, data and video services is not affected by restrictions.

1.8 Strong anti-interference, support external filter, effectively suppress out-of-band harmonic interference, and improve signal anti-interference and signal-to-noise ratio. The ARQ (Automatic Repeat Request) transmission mechanism effectively reduces the data transmission loss rate and improves the reliability of data transmission.

1.9 Built-in frequency sweep function, you can manually configure and select the frequency less affected by interference to set the center frequency point according to the result of the frequency sweep of the configured center frequency point to realize interference frequency avoidance.

1.10 Strong anti-multipath ability, supports automatic wireless relay transmission, all nodes in the system support multi-hop relay (relay) communication, can adapt to a variety of terrain and application scenarios, and have excellent diffraction reflection multipath transmission and penetration capabilities , Relying on the relay station to carry out effective coverage extension, well realize the anti-multipath relay transmission, suitable for a variety of non-line-of-sight transmission environments.

1.11 Strong security and confidentiality, a variety of marshalling encryption, effectively preventing illegal users from invading the network.

1.12 All-IP network interconnection and interoperability, all-IP design concept, support the undifferentiated transparent transmission of various data, easy to interconnect with other heterogeneous communication systems (such as public network, private network, satellite communication and microwave, etc.) to realize multimedia Real-time business interaction.

1.13 Supports multiple services. The MESH wireless ad hoc network system supports the real-time transmission of voice, image, data and positioning information (GPS/Beidou). All nodes can be used in conjunction with the control terminal, and various management and scheduling functions can be realized through the configured MESH ad hoc network terminal system software. It is also possible to use the mobile interactive platform configured by the MESH ad hoc network terminal system software to transmit real-time services to the mobile terminal.

1.14 Ring network design, don’t worry about the problem of ring network blockage. At the same time, its own wired network port also has the mesh function, which can be selected and used according to the needs in the actual application environment.

1.15 As a wireless extension and extension of fixed radio stations or vehicle-mounted radio stations in a multi-hop ad hoc network, it is convenient to go deep into emergency scenes, dense crowds or buildings, and greatly enhance the network’s in-depth communication capabilities. It can provide wireless broadband digital communications for emergency response, anti-terrorism, riot prevention, covert reconnaissance, special operations, rescue and disaster relief, and daily patrols.


Hardware Information

2.1 Adopting domestically produced self-organizing intellectual property technology, dedicated SOC chip, using private communication transmission protocol, and unique synchronization code.

AES 128-bit encryption technology: After the information data is encrypted by AES, the information before encryption cannot be obtained.

2.2 Adopt a variety of encryption methods and modular design.

2.3 Centralized and distributed, all nodes have the same status, and can self-organize a network under complex conditions such as non-line-of-sight (NLOS) and high-speed movement to realize TDD transceiver two-way communication.

2.4 It supports any network topology such as point-to-point, chain, star, etc., and can realize real-time interaction of multimedia information such as multi-channel IP sub-broadband data and multi-serial data.

2.5 Multi-hop relay, each node can move quickly and randomly, and the routing can be dynamically reconfigured when the system topology changes rapidly.

2.6 Convenient deployment, flexible use, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and the all-IP design (supporting various data transparent transmission) is easy to realize the interconnection of heterogeneous systems, and is especially suitable for wireless coverage transmission and wireless narrowband data networking.



Software Architecture center-less, distributed wireless self-organizing network based on the IP system.
Anti-multi-path Interference TDD-OFDM multi-carrier modulation has strong resistance to multi-path interference.
Diffraction Ability with strong diffraction and penetrating power.
Dynamic Routing layer 2 intelligent routing protocol.
Flexibility strong scalability, nodes can dynamically join and exit.
Mobility maximum moving speed of the tested node: ≥160 km/h.
Self-healing the damage of individual terminals will not affect the normal operation of the network, and it has a strong ability to resist damage.
Operating Mode star network, chain network, point-to-point, point-to-multi-point, and multi-point-to-multi-point.
IP transparent Transmission support network port, serial port, IP transparent transmission, interconnection and intercommunication.
Internet Expansion effectively extend the Internet coverage, any terminal in the network can be used as a gateway, and each node of the network can access the Internet through the gateway node.
Map Display under the condition of external GPS/BD, support map location display.
Configuration Management can set the radio channel, bandwidth, power, speed, IP, key and other parameters.
Status Display can dynamically display network topology, link quality, signal strength, environmental noise, etc.


Land Backpack Ad Hoc Network (Emergency)

Model No.: EST-BF01-MESH

Communication Frequency: 1415~1455MHz, 1MHz step adjustable;

Transmitting Power: 2*37dBm; 1dBm step adjustable;

Bandwidth Mode: 5/10/20 MHz;

Modulation Method: multi-carrier TDD-COFDM;

Carrier Modulation: BPSK/QPSK/16QAM/64QAM (adaptive or fixed);

Receiving Sensitivity: -98dBm @ 10MHz;

Communication Distance:

70km (ground-air/air-air line-of-sight), 20km (ground-ground line-of-sight);

Communication Rate: peak value 90Mbps (adaptive);

Transmission Delay: about 2ms per hop;

Multi-hop Capability: video can reach 8 hops;

Start-up Time: ≤25S;

Network Access Time: less than 1 second;

Route Switching: less than 1 second;

Data Interface: network port x 2, RS232 x 2;

Wi-Fi Supports 2.4G or 5.8G (without wifi on the airborne terminal)

Battery Power Supply: 24V/4A; battery capacity 12000mAh;

Ground End: power consumption of the whole machine: 15~45W,

Protection Level: IP65;

Working Temperature: -40~+70℃;

Size: Length: 185mm*width 250mm*height 65mm; (including battery)

Ground End: Weight: 2200g;


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