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Portable IMSI Finder

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IMSI catcher, also known as 4G micro-power code detection equipment, is mainly used as an important auxiliary equipment for quick and accurate search when the public security, security, security and other departments need to find relevant personnel. It supports 4G user information collection, mainly collects IMSI, IMEI and MAC address, etc. It is an active mobile phone feature code collection device, based on the working principle of wireless communication base stations and adopts relevant technical solutions for small base stations. The product has the technical advantages of small size, low power consumption, high degree of intelligence, easy maintenance, and customized back-end function management. It can be widely used in national security and public security. The IMSI finder has built-in GPS antenna, wireless return antenna, LTE high-gain directional antenna, high integration, few external interfaces, and convenient construction. It can also be equipped with cameras, public security illegal big data, individual search equipment and other professional equipment in different fields to combine into different equipment packages. Support 2G/3G/4G full frequency band, ultra-high-speed signature collection, invisible direct collection, without interfering with mobile phone communication; product forms include fixed, mobile, and portable; it can meet the deployment in different environments such as indoor, outdoor and confidentiality use.

System Architecture Diagram

System Architecture Diagram

System Working Principle

System Working Principle


Airports, tourist attractions, shopping areas, highways, urban arterial roads, train/car/subway/ high-speed rail stations, docks, Internet cafes, KTV, banks, conference rooms, shopping malls, hospitals, theme parks, urban villages and etc.






Working Frequency



Uplink: 1710MHz~1785MHz

Downlink: 1805MHz~1880MHz


Uplink: 1920MHz~1980MHz

Downlink: 2110MHz~2170MHz


Band38: 2575MHz-2635MHz

Band39: 1880MHz~1920MHz

Band40: 2320MHz~2370MHz

Band41: 2496MHz~2690MHz


Number of Carriers



Output Power

default 1W/carrier, 50mW~1W power adjustable


Data Processing

collision analysis, accompanying analysis, statistical analysis, data query


Black and White Lists

support the alarm function of black and white lists, and can import black and white lists in batches


Data Export

support data export function


Log Function

record the operation record of the operator to facilitate the follow-up training of the personnel



Length 310mm * Width 270mm * Thickness 110mm


Working Voltage

DC 12V


Power Consumption






Working Temperature



Relative Humidity



External Battery

Support 2 hours continuously working


Upgrade Debugging Interface



Power Supply

DC 12V


Main Functions

5.1 Device Status: The connected device status can be displayed. The detected radio frequency must be in the on state to detect the frequency point.

5.2 Standard Display: The collected target will display the 2G/4G standard range of related China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. It can also display the frequency band range number and network identification of the radio frequency, such as frequency band 38/46000.

5.3 Time View: There will be a specific time for the specific time of the collection device.

5.4 Field Strength Determination: After the field strength meter is successfully connected, you need to click “Config” in the positioning data to deliver the positioning parameters to the field strength meter. After the field strength meter is successfully configured, the latest “power value” or “value” will be displayed , Power display range (-127.5~0), numerical display range (0~255), the larger the value, the closer you are to the phone, a prompt will appear in the interface to select “far/near range mode”, red is the current mode , According to the prompts to choose, can accurately locate the target to 0.2 meters.

5.5 Detailed Information: If you enter the name, phone number, title and frequency of the scheduled information in advance, it will be displayed immediately after collection.

5.6 Historical Data: Historical data can be filtered by IMSI, IMEI, operator, mobile phone number and time together, and the filtered data can be exported.

5.7 Data Processing: It can perform accompanying analysis, collision analysis and statistical analysis on the collected target.

5.8 Blacklist and White List Settings: After obtaining the mobile phone number, the ordinary device releases the mobile phone and returns to the operator network. When the blacklist enters the collection range, an alarm will be issued, and the IMSI number in the whitelist will not be reported.

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